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Online keno in Australia is a game that is enjoyed by millions. Mainly people like it for its simple to understand game play. There is nothing complicated about playing Keno. You simply select your numbers and hope for the best possible outcome. There are many players who will try to use a strategy when playing but keno is 100% a game of chance and the odds of hitting big based on a number strategy is very small. An online keno games consists of 80 numbers. Players are able to select 20 of those numbers or they can choose to play fewer numbers with the hopes of a larger win.

Best Keno Online Casinos

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*** Keno Online Casinos ***


The game of keno begins once you select your numbers and choose he amount you wish to wager. You then simply press play and the game is played out. Most casinos will allow for multiple denominations to be played but it is usually capped at $5 per game played. One nice feature to playing online keno is the ability to play the same numbers again and even as much as 10 times in a row. This allows you to sit back, enjoy the game and watch the balls drop in place. This may increase your winning opportunities but overall it will not. However it certainly adds to the excitement you receive while playing. The game of Keno originated in China during the 1500’s. As the Chinese began to emigrate around the world the game began to spread and became an instant hit with other players.  Keno is now one of the most popular games available. It is so popular many countries offer it in their lotteries and have scratchcards versions of the game.

The more numbers you play in keno the greater the prize that can be won. It will also increase the odds of you hitting more numbers. The more numbers you hit the bigger the prize you will win and hitting all 20 will see you win the maximum amount based on the wager you made. Keno is game that is meant to be fun and give players a chance to have some excitement and relax while doing so.  The nice factor to all of this is that the game offers relaxation and excitement in one basket and some incredible wins in another. It is the best of both worlds and that is part of the appeal keno has for so many players. It is what keeps the game popular to this day.

Online Casinos almost always offer keno. It is considered a staple for most casinos and hard to find one that doesn’t offer it. Some casinos will offer multiple versions of the game and their own take on sprucing it up. The real secret is picking an online casino that offers great software to play keno at. Sure it is easy to just pick any casino and begin to play but that is not always the best way to go. As most casinos use similar or the same software it is important to the casinos itself is chosen based on a number of key areas. We are of the mindset that with the right information about each casino you will see a better experience in the long run. It is for that reason that we carefully selected a list of casinos that we know to offer superior service to players. In the end the level of service you get is a big aspect to the overall way you feel about a casino. We all want o be treated like gold and having a casino extended that extra level of service to us goes a long way doesn’t it?.

One way the casinos we promote do that is through the promotions they offer you. All of them will give you an initial deposit bonus when you register. Many will even give you multiple bonuses on the first few deposits at the casino. This is a fantastic way to increase your keno bankroll and the fun you have at the casino. Some of the casinos we promote will offer you a no deposit bonus or a free play bonus. Free play bonuses allow you to play the games for free and keep any winnings you win over the initial bonus they gave you. It really doesn’t get much better than free money. We all love it and usually want more of it. Online deposit promotions give you that free money often.

We suggest taking the time to review our casino reviews. We have included some great information in them to help inform you about all they have to offer. Online keno in Australia is an exciting game that has some excellent rewards. We hope to see you enjoying it for all its worth.

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