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*** Online Casino Bonus Whoring Australia ***


Online casinos offer a different promotions or bonuses to entice people to register and become active players with their casinos.  The term “online casino bonus whoring” means to use a casino bonus as a way to make money off the casino. Those who are seasoned players will understand that terminology well but to new players it is often confusing. A large amount of the bonuses that one can get with casinos online are large. It can see a deposit multiplied by two, three or even four. People who take these offers will sign up at a casino with the intention of getting that bonus and will only deposit once. Their intent is to use the bonus and will follow the rules but will cashout immediately upon completing any of the conditions that will relate to the wagering requirements.

As there do now more casinos offering their services online they are placed in a position that sees them have to increase the size of the bonuses that are giving to those new to the casino in order to attract them and get them to select their casino over the thousands of others. These will be similar but others will be different. It comes down to how aggressive the casino is in their desire to grow and at one pace they grow. Those who set out to be bonus whores will seek out the largest free online casino bonuses and then make small bets over a longer period until such time as they have made the wagering conditions. They will then request to have winnings paid by the casino and will not return to make secondary deposits.

It is the focus of the bonus and not the casino that a casino whore will be drawn to. The games take a secondary position to the bonus as the purpose of the time they spend playing is not about winning a large sum of money, while that may very well occur, it is to burn through to playthrough on the cashable bonus in order to, in essence, take the casinos money. To the bonus whore it is seen as an investment in time versus being a true gambler and having genuine interest in the casino or its games.

If an advertised bonus of 100% was taken and the maximum of the bonus that can be received was $100 and it came with a 25x requirement on wagering it would mean that $5000 would need to be wagered. However if a advertised bonus of equal value only had a 10 times requirement on wagering then the bonus whore will go towards the reduced wagering. It will give them an added advantage of meeting the wagering requirements and therefore cashing out with a positive balance.

Casino whoring is playing in bad faith and only exists to take advantage of the casino. While it is fair in some respects casinos will add those players to lists that casinos will share among themselves. There are many websites that will give advice on how to play as a bonus whore. They believe it is to the advantage of those who visit their sites. The sad thing is many of those who come across those sites are legitimate players who are new on online gambling and have honest intentions. They are led to believe that bonus whoring is an acceptable practise when it is not. They often undertake the advice they read and attempt to practise that advice with negative results. Those who operate those sites also clearly understand the principal is frowned upon and will result in those who partake in it getting labelled as a bonus abuser. They will have made a commission off that player and harbor no feelings of guilt.


Bonus abusers or those who are casino bonus whores are simply bad for the industry. They act in a manner that is no different than if they casino did something dishonest to sway the games in their favor. As a general there are few who are involved with online casinos, either and players or those who work within it who will think either of the two are positives at any level. Honestly is paramount to online gambling remaining to be seen in a favorable light.
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