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Online slots can be played for real money in Australia with a great number of online casinos. The late nineties saw an explosion in online casinos opening and with those casinos came the ability to play online slots. At the beginning the selection of slots that were available was limited and many of those took on similar attributes of those that were found in real casinos. Many of the games shared similar names and offered similar payouts however as casinos grew and more software companies began to enter the industry the number of slots that were available increased at an incredible rate. What also exploded was the type of slots and the features that those slots included. Video slots were responsible for seeing the casino industry jump leaps and bounds with growth and that continues today.

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You can find classic styled slots under almost all casino software that is out there. This includes Microgaming Casino, Net Entertainment, Playtech Casino and Real Time Gaming. All will offer a number of classic styled slot games and many include bonus features like wilds or free spins. The video slots are the real joy as those will offer you the largest selection of games and lines, let alone features within them. Video slots start at 9 lines and increase to 15 line, 20 lines, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100, 243, 1021 and even 3021 lines. This is unbelievable to some people but it is very real with online casino slots. They will also not only include a feature but many of those same slots will include 3—4 features each. The features are designed to increase your excitement and increase the amount you can win. The days where wilds and multipliers were the main features found are gone. While they are still commonly offered included with those will be detailed and graphic bonus games and different bonus games found on the reels or various combinations of wild symbols.

One reason that has helped see online slots gain such a high degree of popularity is the amount they payout. Most people who love slots have only played them in a live casino and they are accustomed to getting small wins but do not experience the bigger wins. A large win, by today’s standards, in a real casino is a few hundred dollars, however with online slots that is a standard win and not considered a large win. The fact that those who operate online casinos do not incur the same level of operational expenses translates into higher payouts. There is not the need to gouge players with reduced payouts as online casinos are able to offer better payouts and still remain profitable. Industry wide the average online slot game pays better than 96.5% and it is for that reason that those who love the slots have turned to the internet to play them. Why play slots with poorer payouts when you can play slots with bigger payouts.

When you first begin to play online pokies you will also notice that there is a difference in the way you can choose the coin sizes that you wish to play with. You will be able to choose the coin size, which usually will start at $0.01 and you will be able to decide on the number of coins that you play for each of the paylines that those slots offer. If you start at one amount and wish to reduce or increase that you simply do so. You do not need to get up, leave the game you have been enjoying to search for one that has a large coin denomination. In fact you can, in some of the casino software’s, open several games at once and play each using the autoplay option.  You can toggle back and forth between the game or hover over them to observe the action as you are watching one of the other games. Should you ever wish to review you game play that option is available as is each transaction that you might make, both for deposits and withdrawals.

Online casinos for real money in Australia are advanced in many ways. All of the games offer a higher degree of quality and performance than most other slots you have played in the past. Those who create the software have large amount of people employed to design the games and create new and exciting features and new games. The thirst for new games is always on the minds of those who love slots and those who create the games are very well aware that expectations are high when new games are released. This usually occurs monthly so finding a new slot you have yet to play is never hard to do.


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